The punching and panel benders machines Salvagnini controlled by PDP are still efficient and current systems. One limitation is surely the command line interface which is now outdated and uncomfortable, SysPab was created to overcome this limitation and provide a graphical interface comfortable and functional.

The software sends the commands and interprets the answers of the Ersatz PDP-11 emulator of the Dbit connected via telnet protocol, replacing the operator in the tedious and unproductive entering commands.

  • Operator productivity: an operation often requires a repetitive sequence of commands that require time and attention of the operator, with SysPab this work is automated, allowing the operator to deal with the same tasks as the most important the preparation of the Salvagnini programs of subsequent productions.
  • Speed: commands are entered in quick succession, dramatically reducing the time and waiting time between typing a command and the other. The combination with the speed of the emulator allows for the execution speed of the order of minutes to seconds.
  • Salvagnini advanced features: the ability to send command sequences automatically opens the possibility of implementing automation functionality is not available or too uncomfortable in the command line version like the lists of work through the files with the extension. Job.
  • Automation capabilities: support for data acquisition devices allow the implementation of automated sequences otherwise not available, such as lists of production, similar to worklists Salvagnini, for machines that do not support them.

Supported machines

  • Punching machines S4
  • Panel benders P4
  • Panel benders TB32
  • S4-P4 production line